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What Does Telematics Mean

The telematics is a huge interactive network composed of information about vehicle location, speed and route. Through devices such as GPS, RFID, sensor, camera image processing equipment, etc. the vehicles can complete the collection of its own environment and the status information; through the Internet technology, the vehicles can transmit their own various information to the central processor; through the computer technology, the information of these vehicles can be analyzed and processed to draw the best travel routes, report the road conditions and arrange the signal cycle in time.

The telematics is an integrated network that can realize intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information service and vehicle control. It is a typical application of the Internet of things technology in the field of traffic system. It is the only way of mobile Internet and Internet of things to deepen the development of business essence. It is an integration technology that can be used in the future development of information communication, environmental protection, energy saving, security, etc.

The telematics refers to a dynamic mobile communication system that can achieve network communication between vehicles and the public through the interactions between vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and people, vehicles and sensing devices, etc. It can realize information sharing through the interconnection between vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and people, and vehicles and roads, collect the information of vehicles, roads and environments, process, calculate, share and secure the multi-source collected information collected from the information network platforms, and carry out effective guidance and supervision on vehicles according to different functional requirements. Besides, it can also provide professional multimedia and mobile Internet application services.
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