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Vehicle Video Monitor in Onboard Video Device

In a long journey, there may be some contradictions and disputes between passengers, passenger and staff, which often cause the complaint to the company. Especially when some passengers get out of the car with other people's luggage and articles, because there is no strong evidence, this problem becomes difficult to solve, which causes the great damage to the company image. After installing the video recording system, we can take effective control of the behavior of the public servants when they go through the station to carry passengers, or whether they take money secretly,  and it can improve the quality of service at the same time via onboard video device .

During a long-distance bus traveling, security problems may be taken place more easily due to the complex traffic and personnel, and more roadblockers. Especially in the rush time of Spring Festival, there are many accidents such as stealing, robbing, abducting and cheating,and more drivers violate the operation and overload. Through the remote video surveillance and video system, the passenger transportation company and the management department can check the driver's violation and overload at any time through the 3G network remote video, while the video data can also be the evidence of the crime.

Effectively supervise drivers to be in strict accordance with regulations, to operate appropriately, and to improve driving safety. Satellite vehicle monitoring can control and direct vehicles, enhance the management and control of speeding, overload, fatigue driving, prevent traffic accidents, and record the driver's bad driving behavior. And it can have targeted education and training by the record of drivers bad driving behavior, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption to improve the service industry level.
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