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Vehicle T-box HQC111
Tbox, also known as vehicle telematics box, black box or smart box, can be widely applied to many occasions such as UBI insurance, periodic tenancy, fleet management, driver behavior analysis and mana...
  • Vehicle T-box HQC111
  • Vehicle T-box HQC111
  • Vehicle T-box HQC111
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Tbox, also known as vehicle telematics box, black box or smart box, can be widely applied to many occasions such as UBI insurance, periodic tenancy, fleet management, driver behavior analysis and management, vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery. The tbox is the most vital hardware device in telematics system with t box remote control function. With rich experience in commercial vehicle telematics, Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co has developed several kinds of tbox products, including GSM tbox, 3G tbox and 4G LTE tbox.

At present the tbox is mostly used in usage based insurance, as the technology allows insurance companies to collects accurate driving information of individual vehicle and calculate the premiums based on that results. Consequently, the tbox helps the driver improve his or her driving behavior, and more importantly it can decrease the traffic accidents. It is also applied to truck telematics.

Above it is just a common application of vehicle tbox in modern society. Hopechart tbox HQC111, is a covert, simple to install and use onboard terminal for vehicle positioning, vehicle tracking, and status monitoring. With CANBus and RS232 interfaces, the tbox can collect the vehicle AD information, fault information, fuel consumption data, driving information and driver behavior. The telematics black box can be also integrated with external sensors like ADAS, fuel sensor, tire pressure sensor and temperature sensor. The amazing thing is that the Hopechart tbox HQC111 can be integrated with our 2 Din Android telematics screen to offer entertainment functions.

Main Features of Vehicle Tbox HQC111

  • Positioning(GPS)
  • GSM wireless connection
  • Six custom switch states, high voltage effective
  • RS232: 1 route, for configuration and data acquisition extension
  • CAN: 1 route standard (can be customized to two routes)
  • AD: 1 route standard for high accuracy fuel sensor (can be tailored to connect with other analog sensors)
  • Hijack alarm: 1 route standard for hijack signal detection (can be customized for other functions)
  • Internal battery
  • Two status indicators and one buzzer, for self-checking purpose
  • USB port (non-open)
  • Low power consumption, power-saving mode<20mA, built-in backup battery
  • Wide input voltage: 10.8V~32V
  • Case aluminum housing
  • Dimension: 103mm×82mm×32mm

Specifications of Vehicle Tbox HQC111







2 LED indicators (GSM &GPS status)

Built-in buzzer


GPS positioning

After-event location report

Triggered report type

Location report while turning

Receive request for positioning from monitoring centre and then report location information




Multi-centre connection

Automatic data saving when power cut-off (ACC)


Switch state acquisition

6 routes

Braking, left turn light, right turn light, light beam, high beam, reserved


Alarm switch

1 route

Hijack alarm


CAN data collection

2 routes (1 for reservation)



Local configuration

Vehicle information can be configured



High accuracy fuel consumption management

Error 1%

High accuracy fuel sensor required


Driving recording

GPS speed recording


Local storage

Can be saved for 10 years min.

Storage capacity is32MB


Bad driver behavior

Speed, harsh braking, over-revving, neutral taxiing, excessive idling

Analysis based on the collected data (customizable)



DM failure diagnostics, abnormal vehicle, abnormal battery


Power source compliance

Compliant with12V &24V vehicles


Low battery voltage monitoring

Low voltage alarm


Terminal management

Local software update (RS232)

OTA software upgrade (Remote parameters configuration, SMS setting, remote updates)

Factory reset (Through RS232 or remote setting)

Telematics Info You May Be Interested
  • Who Pays To Fit A Telematics Box?

    Usually your insurer is the one that pays for the cost of installation. Meanwhile, more and more vehicle manufacturers start to pre-install telematics devices for some vehicle series.
  • What Data Do Telematics Devices Collect?

    The majority of telematics devices operate with accurate and reliable GPS technology and are used to collect below information:

    • max/average speed travelled
    • acceleration
    • braking
    • cornering
    • latitude/longitude
    • elevation
    • distance travelled
    • number of journeys
    • journey time
    • road type
    • G-force (impact detection)
  • Can The Telematics Box Be Hacked And Can My Data Be Stolen?

    Manufacturers and insurance providers treat data privacy very seriously. Every effort is made to ensure devices and data are safe with robust security protocols around firmware, encryption, updates and authentication.

    While there can never be a guarantee of 100% security by anyone, we’re confident that the security of our telematics systems is on par with the most secure and trusted businesses.
  • What Will Happen If I Speed?

    Telematics devices assess how you drive and look for trends in your driving style. Occasionally breaking the speed limit by a small amount shouldn’t affect your policy. Persistent speeding is likely to result in your insurance premium rising.

    Dangerous speeds are treated much more seriously. In extreme cases where there’s a persistent pattern of excessive speeding, some insurers would consider canceling your policy.

    Depending on the insurer, you may get several warnings to improve your driving before this happens. Remember, telematics policies are aimed at safe drivers!
  • Can A Black Box Be Turned Off?

    No. The t box is sealed, and tamper-proof.

    Switching the box off does rather defeat the object of having telematics system installed. The whole point is that the insurer gets a better portrait of your driving ability. And, if you’re a good driver, you’re rewarded.

    If your insurer is not able to get all of your driving data, then they can’t paint a complete picture of you as a driver.
  • Telematics Industry Overview

    The telematics industry has been developing sharply. In 2017, the market scale surpassed 10 billion yuan for the first time. With the continuous growth of car ownership, the carrying capacities of urban roads have saturated, but the problems of traffic safety, travel efficiency and environmental protection need dealing with.

    At present, in the telematics technological App Market, some creative applications of telematics invented by China’s own R&D, such as safe and energy-saving applications, intelligent ambulance applications, coach of public service platform applications, aided driving systems and so on. Analyzing from the business mode of Chinese telematics industry, national market needs a new start.

    Since 2009, the concept of telematics has emerged nationally and telematics have drawn the eyes of cars manufacturers, information servers and Bat, etc. For the time being, many companies have stepped into the telematics market. Three communications operators have form business mode respectively, who still are on the stage of exploring though. A mode that is perfect, sustainable developing and profitable waits for being shaped so as to realize the shared profits of all parties involved.

    By means of mobile network, three communications operators basically connect vehicle intelligent terminal with wireless channel to provide services like real-time traffic, GPS, rescue positioning, car detection and appointment made with 4S stores. Now, the mode in the national market is not mature, which needs innovation, R&D to be invested not only in mode creation but basic core technology.
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