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Tips For Purchasing Travel Recorder 1

1. The appearance

The first thing that drivers should pay attention to is that the size of traffic recorder is not the bigger, the better. If the volume is too large, it may hinder the driver's view. So the smaller, the safer.

2. The effect

Since it is necessary to play the role of "black box", the shooting result is surely the most critical investigation factor. When choosing different brands and types of traffic recorders, the best choice is to test the instrument in bad light or somewhere with poor visibility, so as to test the recording result of the instrument during night or tunnel driving. If permitting, you can also try the recording result under strong light.

3. The operation

Special reminding for the owners that are not familiar with digital products, some of the operating recorder interface is not easy to handle. If you are such a "Digital rookie", you should pay special attention to whether the menu interface of the recorder is easy-to-use.

Also, the fixed way of the train recorder can't be ignored.
The reporter found that  sucker recorder are mostly used. Although these suckers are relatively easy to use just after a gluing, the quality is somewhat uneven. Some products glue rickety even in the store , not to mention when sticking to your car glass. Some products are also used in sticky way, in spite of inconvenient cleaning, the effect of stickup is obviously better.

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