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The Wind Of Telematics Hit The Express Delivery Industry

At present, domestic and international telematics is mainly based on passenger vehicles, while vehicles in the logistics field are equipped with driving recorders to achieve basic functions such as simple vehicle positioning and vehicle basic information maintenance.With the development of the SF Express business, SFG's own freight vehicles have grown rapidly, and traditional GPS monitoring services have been unable to support the management of the entire life cycle of existing vehicles (including the introduction and withdrawal of vehicles) and the driver behavior management, smart scheduling and other needs.

SF Tech started to develop Telematics project, hoping to introduce intelligent vehicle-mounted devices that can intelligently collect information about fuel consumption,vehicle and personnel information of vehicles, reduce manual information entry and verification, and reduce safety accidents by improving drivers' bad driving behaviors. Rate, reduce vehicle fuel consumption, reduce operating costs, improve management efficiency.

The driver's driving skills have a decisive influence on the fuel consumption of the vehicle.Reduce safety accident rate and reduce vehicle fuel consumption by improving driver's behavioral habits;

By continuously analyzing the operational data of the vehicles, reasonably formulating road traffic rules, reducing congestion during peak periods, and performing prediction calculations for each road section, realizing real-time personalized voice navigation based on the latest road conditions and prediction data.
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