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The Three Latest Technologies Of The Car Traveling Recorder Industry II

Picking up by WeChat, monitoring by WeChat

Picking up by WeChat is definitely an innovative feature that perfectly solves the problem that cannot find where friends are. Users send invitations to friends directly on WeChat, and when friends receive invitation, they automatically sync to the cloud, and the navigation system starts automatically. It is done directly on WeChat, without any other operation to complete the process. What is more considerate is that the real-time distance between users and friends can be obtained on WeChat at any time, so the waiting time will no longer be long. WeChat monitoring function can access the car condition at any time and anywhere, so the safety of car can be guaranteed even outdoors. Users can get the real-time location, real-time image and video of the car with fuel monitor directly through WeChat platform.

360 degree anti-collision warning technology

It can be said that 360 degree anti collision warning is the absolute defense technology of the car. It is the general term of several early warning functions, such as front and back collision warning, track deviation warning, vehicle distance monitoring and warning, etc. Front and back collision warning means that when the car is running, the traffic recorder will detect the speed. When the vehicle exceeds the safe distance between front vehicle or back, the system will give warning. Track deviation warning means that traffic recorder can identify lane lines. When the vehicle is off the lane line, it will alarm in time, and remind the owner to correct the route. Vehicle distance monitoring and warning is mainly used for traffic jams or traffic lights. When the distance exceeds the danger distance, it will remind the owner to slow down or brake. In traffic accidents, most of them are caused by rear impact or lane change. This technology can be called life saving technology.
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