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The Prospect Of Tachograph: The Market Is Going To Be Rational After Experiencing The High-Speed Cli

According to the latest statistics, in 2016, the overall sales of the Tachograph is more than 1700 million sets, the domestic market size is nearly 30 billion yuan, the growth rate is 80%.  The industry personage has predicted that Tachograph will reach the largest market scale in 2016, and after the climax, the speed increase will be gradually stable in 2017, and the major manufacturers will refine the product characteristics and have deep development in their own market field.

Considering the above development trend, we think that the traditional form of Tachograph and the rear-view mirror Tachograph will present development trend of high-end and multi-functional, embodied respectively in the product itself, the product function and ecological services:

1. the product itself

The rear-view mirror in the car will tend to be widescreen. In next year, it will be upgraded from the 5 inch screen to the 7.3 inch, 7.7 inch widescreen display.

2. Function

In addition the existing strong driving record function, remote view will also be needed in tachograph, the current MTK, Qualcomm and SoC of Spreadtrum all can realize this function. It can also be realized by MODED, but the cost is relatively high. The algorithm of ADAS will also be further optimized next year.

3.Business model

It can connect with the traffic police, highways department with fuel monitoring system. It can capture in the road and report, and then owners can receive reward. It can also cooperate with the insurance company, etc., Currently Dingding Capture already has such applications. In addition, the tachograph and tire pressure monitoring devices are connected, which is expected to be a hot spot next year.

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