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The Outbreak Of The Intelligent Driving Recorder Market

From the industry level, there are obvious signs of the outburst of intelligent vehicle recorder products and car video surveillance system, which are mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. Emerging Intelligent manufacturers have sprung up.

Obviously, the outbreak of this traveling wave recorder is not led by traditional manufacturers, but the result of the emergence of some new intelligent traffic recorder manufacturers such as Goluk, Ddpai, Miaoxiaotong and so on which are all born during 2014-2015, and they activated this industry.

2. The participation of large Internet manufacturers.

In the short term, not only emerging entrepreneurial companies appear constantly, the Internet vendors have started to pay attention to the car networking industry, too. Mi, 360 have also begun the layout. For example, the 360 company has recently launched and presold its intelligent vehicle recorder products, and it is reported that Mi's intelligent traffic recorder product has been launched lately as well. On the one hand, the participation of large companies can faster the market to mature, but on the other hand, it is also a serious challenge for the survival of the emerging companies.

3. The special favor of venture capital.

In fact, venture capitalists are more acutely aware of the market. Previously, many companies which produced intelligent vehicle recorder in China had got the favor of risk investment. Micang capital and Taihuoniao had invested Mplanet, the manufacturer of Miaoxiaotong.  Sinovation Ventures and ZhenFound invested Goluk.

The entry of venture capital on the one hand shows that the market has the prospect of explosive growth, on the other hand, it is likely to make intelligent traffic recorder market from low competition to an outbreak.

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