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The Market Situation and Development Trend of China's Car Audio Industry From 2015 to 2016

"The 2015-2020 year China automobile audio market operation situation and development prospect prediction report" released by Industrial Information Network shows that China's car stereo equipment manufacturing industry has been developing rapidly in recent years. In the past 2009-2014 years, the average growth rate of the industry sales scale was nearly 30%. In 2014, the demand for China's car audio market continued to grow, and the industry scale reached 35.755 million yuan, up 17.5% over the same period last year.

A few years ago, the scale of Chinese car audio and video market was relatively small. But with the pursuit of personal quality and personalized demand, its development potential is huge.

Less than 10% of Chinese car users have changed video equipment. In developed countries, the scale of after sales is more than 70%, the world's largest car audio and video manufacturers mainly aim at the after-sales market. It can be said that China's car video and audio market is still in its infancy. With the increase of Chinese residents' income and the change of consumption concept, the increase of domestic demand for car consumption, and the pursuit of high quality audio and video products, the market is expanding. It can be predicted that the proportion of China's car after-sale market will continuously improve, and the domestic brands will usher in a rapid development period.

At present, the private car has become the mainstream of new car sales. As more and more motorists have more and more requirements for the entertainment, the function of the car audio is gradually diversifying. It has expanded from single sound to the multiple functions of music, film, navigation, entertainment, monitoring and so on.
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