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The Market Prospect of China's Telematics

In the current stage, the Internet of vehicles still stays in the vehicle networking, and fails to really achieve vehicle interconnection. Only by realizing vehicle interconnection can it play its role and reduce accidents and congestion. The Internet of vehicles failed to enter the key step, and it is inseparable from the players who are in the game. The embedded telematics system is also involved in telematics field.

In the current stage of the Internet of vehicles, there are mainly two categories of players, one is Internet companies, the other is traditional car companies. Traditional car companies are not enthusiastic about the Internet of vehicles, it is mainly Internet companies  who are interested in the Internet of vehicles.

Alibaba is most active among those Internet companies. In July this year, it released the first Internet car - Roewe RX5. Baidu launched Baidu CarLife in September last year, and Tencent also launched an open platform for vehicles.

There is no problem for Internet companies to develop Internet of vehicles, but the problem is that Internet companies are keen to seize the entrance, which leads to the existence of island phenomenon between the products of the car network. and the information sharing becomes impossible. The results cause the Internet of vehicles to stay in the phase of vehicle networking, and make it difficult to cross the key step of vehicle interconnection.

Apart from that, there is another important reason, which is safety.It is known that the more open the system is, the more vulnerable it is to attack, and the risk will also increase sharply. Once attacked, the safety accident is unthinkable.

At present, there are many safety incidents related to the Internet of vehicles being attacked in the United States where has a better development of the Internet of vehicles. How to ensure the safety of products is the key to the next stage of vehicle networking.

Generally speaking, the prospect of Internet of vehicle is broad, but security problems need to be solved. According to the market survey and analysis report of this industry, it is expected that the size of market will break through 19 billion yuan this year. By 2020, when 5G is commercially available, the size of the market will break through 50 billion yuan and move towards the high-speed development cycle.
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