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The Latest Technology Of Vehicle Recorder Industry 1

In era of vehicle electronics which is filled with innovation and intelligence , traffic recorder takes the mission of Pathfinder. Only by innovating and perfecting constantly can we find our location in the competitive future. More and more enterprises participate in the competition with exclusive tips since 2014, therefore the recorder industry started rolling on with full force. Then I'll makes a inventory of three new technologies which are the most innovative and practical of current recorder.

License plate tracking

License plate tracking is undoubtedly the most innovative and practical technology nowadays which can automatically identify the license number of the car through vehicle dynamic video or static image. When the current vehicle is in a certain range during driving, the traffic recorder will automatically identify and record the vehicle number of the front vehicle. We know that the license plate is equivalent to the "identity card" of the car, which is an important clue when the accident happens. So it will be pretty embarrassing when we are equipped with a traffic recorder without the function of identifying the license plate, but the license plate tracking technology solves the problem perfectly. The application of this technology also provides strong evidence for all kinds of traffic accidents as well as the afterwards treatment for personal and property safety, which plays a decisive role in China's traffic and public security.
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