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The Future Development Trend of Telematics

Three major demands of auto users is one of its trend:

1. safety: remote tracking of vehicle dynamics and remote automatic diagnosis of vehicle failure
2. environmental protection: more fuel-saving driving routes, more grease-saving driving habits and cheaper driving costs
3. convenience: shorter maintenance process, richer information acquisition ways and simpler feedback to manufacturers


Through the real-time on-line scheduling of vehicles, the utilization rate of vehicles is improved, the unloaded rate of vehicles is reduced, transportation costs of enterprises are reduced, traffic accidents are reduced, and road traffic pressure is effectively relieved. Vehicle networking can meet these needs of car users. Some smart technologty or devices offered by the telematics hardware manufacturer also have made great contribution to this progress.


The contents of vehicle networking service are mainly embodied in four fields

The vehicle network has enriched and perfected the technical means to master the running condition of the vehicle in real time, improved the management of the transportation enterprises, improved the flexibility and adaptability of the scheduling  management, and also improved the effectiveness and timeliness of emergency information processing.


1. safety: remote emergency door-opening, collision automatic Mayday call, full-scale vehicle tracking, automatic alarm and road rescue
2. information and entertainment services: various information services (weather, news, stock, mail), hands-free phones in the car, voice command control (voice recognition, broadcast), entertainment information inquiry and downloading, and traffic information inquiry
3. vehicle information service: vehicle maintenance reminder, remote diagnosis and vehicle condition inspection report
4. driving assistance: vehicle navigation service, map updating, POI in-depth inquiry, operator auxiliary destination setting, and dynamic traffic information
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