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The Functions of the Vehicle Multimedia System

More than a decade ago, the only entertainment system on the car was radio, which later was developed into cassette players and then changed into a CD player. Now, it has been called the vehicle multimedia system. If there is no big screen on the car, the driver feels sorry to say hello to others. But have you ever used these functions?

DVD, Video Playback
in fact, the big screen is for this function. Of course, this function is only for the passengers on the car, otherwise the driver is easily distracted. But now people watch videos on mobile phones or tablet computers. The screens on the car are not much bigger than those, so many people prefer to enjoy them directly with these devices.

Navigation Function
Nowadays, there are so many roads that we can't remember all of them. So we must have the navigation at our side. In fact, the good navigation is a few. The good navigation has to regularly update the map. But the updating speed of the vehicle navigation map is not as quick as the mobile phone navigation.

Reversing Camera
It is absolutely practical no matter for veterans or newcomers, with the purpose of safety. You don't have to worry about feeling so good about yourself that you run into others. However, this function is only a supplementary part for the blind areas. Remember to have a look at rear view mirrors on both sides.

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