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The Functions of the Car Infotainment System

Bluetooth phone
It's wrong  to answer the phone while driving, but you will feel annoyed without answering the phone. If the Bluetooth phone appears, it will not be a problem to answer the phone. But do you like to use the speakerphone all day? Especially when you have some secrets, and there are some people next to you....

Voice function
This seems very powerful, with the same principle of iPhone's Siri. In theory, this function is practical and safe, however, not every recognition rate in each car is doing so well. When you say every single word of the instructions with pure Mandarin, but the system can't identify those accurately, you will feel silly.

Internet surfing
Do you think it's better to use multimedia systems than mobile phones? In addition to the larger screen, there are all kinds of complicated operations and blocks. However, the WiFi hot spot is not so bad. Nowadays, people have "no WiFi will die" symptoms. It's good for the passages. But in China if you want an Internet, you have to find network operators, which means that you need data.

Positioning interactive service
Some cars have already had backstage service functions, directly calling the backstage for vehicle rescue, emergency maintenance and other services. However, most parts of the function are not free, just like your mobile phone, which is a decoration without paying.

Phone interconnecting function
The functions of the mobile phone are far more powerful than that of the car infotainment system. So it's very practical to directly project the phone to the vehicle system. Of course, most of the current systems are not available for some phones. Some phones don't support such functions. If you want to try it, you'd better change another phone.
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