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The Differentiated Developments Of Intelligent Tachograph And Traditional Tachograph

It has differentiation development with the traditional tachograph. From the intelligent tachograph promoted by emerging manufacturers, the current smart manufacturers are not confined to the existing products of intelligent control, but try to enrich the product extension of tachograph, and even hope to build a entrance for car networking. Because of this, this group of intelligent tachograph manufacturers pay more attention to the connection between people and cars, the connection between the car and the car, as well as the building of adhesiveness of users. For example, the newly added functions like video live broadcast, social sharing are all seeking greater product breakthroughs. However, in the view of the author, in addition to the product needs to expand and to enrich the intelligent new functions, it still need to do the best in most basic functions, for example, in high-definition shooting and recording, in the monitoring and securing of vehicles and so on.

All in all, on the eve of the outbreak of the car networking market, the intelligent tachograph, as a potential gateway to the car networking, has been discovered and is being developed by startups and venture capitalists at present. However, it is important to emphasize that the "primary heart" of the tachograph device can't be forgotten although the current tachograph is featured with the functional experience of intelligence. Because whether it is intelligent or not, the most important thing is that it needs to be a high-performance tachograph, so that it may have a chance to become an entrance to the car networking.
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