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The Developing Prosperity of T-Box in China

There are billions of motor vehicles in China whose information network is the largest and coverage area ranks the first place globally. China is rich in broadband resources, which has great advantage of developing telematics. But actually, no form and breaking point have shaped in Chine in their true senses, no matter the global telematics is still on the primary stage. The telematics industry overview is wide.

Although telematics have some breakthroughs in intercity bus and school bus which are included in segment fields, it can not step into consumption area on a large scale. The characteristics of real telematics have not been showed in daily life, causing two problems. One is the limited market which prohibits from scale and standardization. Thus, the applicable cost of telematics technology is rather high. The other is that the industrial chain can not be vertical and cross-direction, thus lacking professionalization, along with high cost. At present, many problems exist including repeated solutions of telematics in enterprises, long development cycle, insufficient core technology, uncertain business mode, non-uniform standard and incompatible software and hardware. Telematics have tremendous potential for a huge market; however, it takes a long time to cultivate it. However, iy is good for telematics box manufacturers. The key is to form an emerging format and new market by means of technology and application innovation. A new proposal can be put forward, the telematics platform is constructed by operators, then a uniform standard is provided by research and service companies who master the core technology to define the business mode, improve the industry chain and level up the service quality in order to deal with these problems.
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