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The Change Of Autoradio

Many people love to listen to music to relax while driving, and different people have different pursuit of sound quality. However, after so many years of evolution, the sound quality of autoradio from the original factory has improved greatly. More and more loudspeakers have senior channel, and imported brand high-end audios which can produce surround sound around every seat and so on. Today I'm going to talk about the changes inautoradio.

Some may feel that the sound equipment is a kind of auxiliary equipment for cars, and it has no effect on the performance of the car. However, as the demand for enjoyment grows, car manufacturers are increasingly focusing on autoradio equipment and consider it as one of the basises for assessing the comfort of cars.

The primary function of the main engine of the autoradio system is to play the audio source of the car. There are many methods to classify the main engine of the android autoradio, and to classify it according to the signal source is the most common method. Thesignal sources of the main engine have: radio (FM/AM), tape, CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, etc. By combining these sound sources, we can produce different types of audio hosts, one of the most common model is combination of a radio, tapes and CDS. Of course, there is combination of MP3, radio and tape, but it is very rare.
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