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The Application Of MDVR

MDVR  will play an important role in protecting social civilization, social harmony and people's travel safety. Vehicle monitoring systems also play different roles in different industrial applications. The focus of the industry also varies for different industries. The system function and product configuration have evolved diverse characteristics. It includes truck video system as well. 

Passenger transport industry
In addition to the simple onboard video monitoring function, the passenger transport industry requires the functions of wireless network video monitoring (in order to understand the real-time situation inside and outside of the car), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle speech station, vehicle driving information record, multimedia entertainment advertising and so on.

Police industry
The main functions of the public security industry for vehicle-mounted digital video recorder are video surveillance, wireless network transmission, and pan-tilt control. Traffic police pay more attention to how to conduct forensics. So the key requirements are license plate recognition, blacklist than equivalence, etc, which are similar to some demand of city management and transportation management industries.

Financial industry
The money transport vehicles in the financial industry require the stable and reliable work of the vehicle digital video recorder to enable the video instantly uploaded and alarm information to the management center platform as well as interact with the monitoring center platform.
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