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The Advantage Of 4G Vehicle DVR

With the rise of 4G networks, vehicle-mounted video recording equipment has begun to use 4G as a transmission method, data transmission speed is faster, and the amount of data that can be supported is transmitted in a larger HD picture.In order to meet the real-time online transmission of video images, most of the on-board devices use 4G networks.Compared with 2G, the commonly used transmission mode of the driving recorder used in cars, 4G mainly improves the speed of sound and data transmission.It can achieve wireless roaming around the world better and handle various media formats such as images, music, and video streaming.It can support different data transmission speeds, that is, it can support transmission speeds of at least 2Mbps, 384kbps, and 144kbps in indoor, outdoor, and driving environments, respectively.(the data will change according to the network environment). The 4G vehicle dvr can greatly add fun to your trip.

Car digital video recorder can also be combined with automotive electronics related functions,For example, the car driving data acquisition and upload generally adopts the CAN bus technology, and the vehicle-mounted digital video recorder should also have the CAN bus access and analysis and processing functions, record the relevant information of the vehicle driving through the hard disk, analyze and handle the important data.

In addition to increasing the hard disk damping and reinforcement processing, vehicle-mounted digital video recorders also need to pay attention to the difference between the power used in such projects and the power supply of ordinary vehicles. For example, most of the power of on-board equipment provided for trains is DC48V or DC 110V, and ordinary vehicle-mounted power supplies is DC12V or DC24V.
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