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Telematics Trends

The Consultation of Coinstructing Guidance for National Telematics IndustrialStandard System issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China is divided into three parts including “general requirements”,  “information communication” and “electronic products and service” , among which the last one is closely bound to consumers for driving in daily life. The electronic products and service standard system of “13th Five-Year” period mainly focus on automotive electronics,information system, the technological requirement and testing standard of mobile devices, service platform standard and the safe standard of automotive electronics, etc. according to the guidance. To decide the customized standard for telematics industrial vital automotive electronics and automotive software step by step before 2018. To complete the core technological standard and testing standard of automotive electronics and service platform , and establish the safe and accreditation system of automotive smart terminal in 2020.

Among them, the standards of automotive electronics are chiefly comprised of basic products, terminals, software and new-energy pivotal electronic product. Seen from “ telematics industrial work system of electronic products and service standard”, the standard labeled with “ urgent need” is relevant to electronics mostly, such as general specifications of millimeter-wave radar of automotive electronics, of automotive satellite navigation devices, of vehicle terminal and technological standard of mobile device’s interconnection technique as well as of touch displays for cars.

There is no doubt that electronic products and service standard supply guarantees for the approaching telematics to develop orderly, and at the same time, it puts forward higher demands for the enterprises’ products.

By 2020, a secure and quality managing system of automotive intelligent terminal will be built, which means that car manufacturers should grasp time to catch up with it. Previously, car enterprises should emphasize the research and development of automotive electronics and the quality management instead of any so-called “ high technology” to be installed on the cars blindly with the purpose of promoting the sales. Only by this can they meet and merge with the related national standard of telematics electronics, and seize the opportunity in the great era of telematics development.

No matter what, the released consultation of Coinstructing Guidance for National Telematics IndustrialStandard System has demonstrated the attitude and determination for telematics in our nation, where we get in touch with the prospects.
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