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Telematics Trends

Telematics is the product of IoT, intelligent transportation, car support, cloud computing and automobile electronic technology. Until now, the development of telematics presents three trends.

ICV will be the mainstream product.

Looking through the development and status of ICV overseas, the main goals are to improve driving safety and efficiency, the cores are sensor technology, information processing, communication technology and intelligent control included. The roads, automotive coordination system and highly automatic driving have been the key points around the world up to date, which are also the major elements for market competition. Our basic technology, the level of research and development and the base of industrial link are weak in the field of ICV, and we are on the stage of diving assistance. In the future, we will turn into automotive driving, HAD and the driverless partly and gradually.

Telematics integrate with big data and cloud computing.

Telematics can collect the data of car information, car positioning information, driver information, weather conditions and traffic status, etc. , through which we gain deep insight to know the driving behavior and travel modes of drivers, vehicle fault recognition and warning, the plan of business cars and the reduction of transportation cost.

Cross-border cooperation and service innovation are distinct.

With the improvement of ecological system, telematics will provide multiple services and penetrate into o2o and automotive aftermarket, and crossover cooperation and service innovation become increasingly outstanding. For example, in insurance industry, risk pricing can be assessed and set more accurately, premium and real risk can be better matched through telematics. Moreover, according to driving behavior and mileage, personalized insurance rate of cars can be provided.
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