Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd.

Telematics Solution

  • GPS Fleet Management Hopechart offers a series of fleet management solutions to meet the specific demands of different customers. We provide a system that helps them monitor fleets anywhere and anytime, and optimize vehicle management.
  • Telematics Technolody Gains More Attention With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families have bought cars, although it makes the daily traffic more convenient, the surge of vehicles has led to traffic congestion, tr...
  • Fuel Consumption Management Track fuel usage and save your money. All kinds of fuel reports can be generated automatically and help you figure out the ways to reduce fuel cost.
  • Chongqing Bus Fleet Management The biggest bus company of Chongqing City finds that some specific buses usually consume more fuel than the others. In order to reduce cost and improve bus fleet management, the company deploys with o...
  • Driver Behavior Management Driver behaviors greatly influence traffic safety, fuel efficiency and vehicle life. Our telematics system can detect about 20 patterns of bad and risky driving behaviors like speeding.
  • OEM Telematics Hopechart provides solutions of customized telematics system to OEM manufacturers. Also, we has accumulated experience developing pre-installed Telematics hardware and back office management platform.
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