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Telematics Industry Overview

Telematics is an important project to solve the urban traffic pressure in the future, and it will provide security for driving safety at the same time, which is very promising in the future. At present, the giants like Apple, Google, Tencent, Baidu are planning telematics, as to whether it can make breakthrough in a year or two still need to be observed. Many domestic enterprises in this industry failed to make breakthrough progress with weak financial and technical strength even after two years of efforts, only to sit on the fence, hoping to stand on the shoulders of giants. The prospect is broad while there are also many problems to be faced with.

Imperfect industrial chain

Telematics in our country is still at the preliminary stage of development, without effective integration within various fields of the industry. In view of the development trend of the telematics industry in our country, the industrial pattern has formed the embryonic of four telematics industry chains in the continuous change. They are the telematics industry chain which is dominated by the government and other public institutions; the telematics industry chain which is dominated by commercial vehicle operation management organization; the manufacturer-led industry chain and the industry chain which is dominated by vehicle information service provider.

Without industrial standards

Telematics involves many standards of information exchange, such as vehicle terminal, network communication, system layer, application layer and so on. Although  China's enterprises have taken action, setting up the telematics alliance in the cities like Shanghai, Wuxi, Shenzhen in order to seize the opportunity for development. Chongqing will also build an application and demonstration base of telematics. However, standardization is the basis of promoting a healthy developed industry. Different models will produce different application systems. If the system lacks a unified reference platform and interface, it will cause the incompatibility of system and the waste of resource, having difficulty in information sharing.

Lacking in the technical support system

In the era of telematics, automotive electronics and IT systems will become the core competitiveness of automobiles. But there are certain gaps between China and developed countries in the whole technical level of automotive industry, especially in the automotive electronics. First of all, despite automotive electronic safety technology like the anti-lock braking system, electric brake force distribution and electronic stability program of the domestic automobile are gradually upgrading, the frontier core technology patents that related to the automotive electronics mainly lie in the hands of foreign enterprises, such as engine management system, vehicle dynamics integrated management and automatic collision avoidance system.

In addition, the chip core technology of high side current sensor, which is used for information gathering, has not been mastered in China, including the sensor cost, performance and life; 3G network broadband can not fully meet the transmission requirement of future telematics to the image and streaming media as well as the relevant communication services; the core technology has not been mastered in the domestic cloud computing and super mass data processing. As the basis of the development of telematics, if the enterprises can not form competitiveness in the core technology of telematics, tantamount to subjugation and the development prospects will naturally be limited.
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