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Telematics Industry Overview

The telematics industry has been developing sharply. In 2017, the market scale surpassed 10 billion yuan for the first time. With the continuous growth of car ownership, the carrying capacities of urban roads have saturated, but the problems of traffic safety, travel efficiency and environmental protection need dealing with.

At present, in the telematics technological App Market, some creative applications of telematics invented by China’s own R&D, such as safe and energy-saving applications, intelligent ambulance applications, coach of public service platform applications, aided driving systems and so on. Analyzing from the business mode of Chinese telematics industry, national market needs a new start.

Since 2009, the concept of telematics has emerged nationally and telematics have drawn the eyes of cars manufacturers, information servers and Bat, etc. For the time being, many companies have stepped into the telematics market. Three communications operators have form business mode respectively, who still are on the stage of exploring though. A mode that is perfect, sustainable developing and profitable waits for being shaped so as to realize the shared profits of all parties involved.

By means of mobile network, three communications operators basically connect vehicle intelligent terminal with wireless channel to provide services like real-time traffic, GPS, rescue positioning, car detection and appointment made with 4S stores. Now, the mode in the national market is not mature, which needs innovation, R&D to be invested not only in mode creation but basic core technology.
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