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Telematics in Automotive Industry

During the process of driverless development, telematics are the first step while their safety becomes an important part. The assistance of information technology to driving is strengthened because of telematics, thus improving the automation which is a premise to realize unmanned driving.

Trend analysis of telematics industry

  • The first trend of telematics is the car safety: The major point of car safety is to avoid collision. Under the circumstances of human error, the rate of impact accidents reaches 95% on the basis of researches. Thus, telematics help the road be safer.
  • The second trend of telematics is the semi-automatic cars: All the systems for assisting the drive enable us to have semi-automatic driving. Many enterprises regard cars as a wireless point by which drivers keep data interaction with the Internet. The users would like to assess wireless Internet no matter in or outside the cars, which just is the same as at home and in the workplace.
  • The third trend of telematics is based on the cloud and wireless OTA ( Over the air): More and more car manufacturers turn their eyes to software rather than hardware.
  • The fourth trend of telematics is V2V which means communication with the cars.
  • The fifth trend of telematics is to lower the oil consumption and reduce the traffic jam.
  • The sixth trend of telematics is to combine blockchain technology.

As the intelligent cars are developing constantly, the safety of telematics gains more and more attention by car manufacturers, telematics box manufacturers. The car recognition, accreditation and authorization  rely increasingly on central cloud server processor. Also, any single point of failure or communicating bottleneck is likely to destroy the whole network.
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