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Telematics Device Manufacturer Will Benefit From The Policies

On the 21th, the Ministry of industry and IT and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the notice of "the special action of the intelligent hardware industry innovation and development (in 2016-2018 )", which aims to improve the supply capacity of the generic technology and high-end products of the intelligent hardware. In the field of the intelligent vehicle equipment, the special action requires the development of intelligent vehicle radar, intelligent rear view mirror, intelligent recorder and intelligent vehicle navigation equipment to promote the information service of vehicle networking in China.

With the promotion of global technology giants, the vehicle intellectualization increases rapidly, and the intelligent vehicle devices will be the first to benefit from it. The agency believes that in the third quarter of this year the LTE V2V core standard is expected to be frozen. The first unmanned technical roadmap in China is going to be announced, and the outbreak of an industrial chain is in line.

According to the special action request, by 2018,  the global market share of China's intelligent hardware will exceed 30%, and the industrial scale will exceed 500 billion yuan. In the light of low power lightweight system design, low power wide area intelligent physical association, virtual reality, intelligent human-computer interaction, embedded telematics system, high performance motion and attitude control, a breakthrough has been made, and a series of industry leading listed companies are nurturing. Key tasks include enhancing the effective supply of high-end intelligent hardware products, strengthening the core technology innovation of intelligent hardware, and promoting the intellectualization of key areas.

As an important part of the high-end intelligent hardware products, the intelligent vehicle equipment will usher in a large expansion of opportunities under the trend of auto intellectualization, and the vehicle networking standards and the unmanned driving technology are in the rapid development period.
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