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Telematics Device Installation

There are two issues that need to be solved in order to develop the telematics. Firstly, how to get the car installed on the telematics equipment? Secondly, what is the benefit for the user to install the telematics?

There are several ways to get the car installed on the telematics equipment. One is to convince all the car manufacturers to pre-installed it, which is more difficult. Another way is the mobile phone app. The telematics device is pre-installed in the mobile phone. Then it is projected to the car through the mobile phone. That is the same way as the usage of Apple's Carplay. The last way is the addition machine, which is an independent telematics equipment that is tied to a car. It does not have a relationship with the original on board unit of the car so that it can be used by all cars. These three routes can solve the hardware problem of the popularity of telematics.

And there are two levels in the usage of telematics. The first level is the alternative of functions like entertainment and navigation. Automotive entertainment used to be achieved by cassette, CD and MP3 that is downloaded in the USB flash drive. But now we have telematics, we can listen to music online, which is called entertainment substitution. Similarly, the SD card map navigation is replaced by real-time network map navigation. The second level are O2O and the ecology that is attached to telematics. This level has two directions, on the one hand, it can access to the driving computer to obtain more vehicle information in order to facilitate follow-up services, such as test the fuel information, inform that after how many kilometers it needs to refuel and provide a suitable location of the gas station to facilitate consumption by the way. On the other hand, it can provide enough point of information of map,which can even complete the consumption of O2O directly. This is not just a question of telematics, but also a consumer portal of O2O.
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