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Telematic Box Review

The concept of telematic is more inclined to the improvement of electrical equipment. For example, for traditional cars, the music cannot be connected to the Internet, and its perception of the road conditions and the people and vehicles ahead is relatively blocked. But the telematic can solve these problems, it can achieve more entertaining experience and provide optimal travel routes based on the omni-directional perception through communication technology and the Internet.

Telematic focuses on intelligence and enjoyment, for example, it can provide services such as intelligent brake, cruise adaption, intelligent comfort, intelligent interconnection, etc. which is more in line with the taste of consumers. The practicability and maneuverability of the telematic is much higher than that of automatic driving.

The larger in amount and more complex the electrical equipment the cars have, the higher the power consumption and the voltage of the vehicle working system are, and the reliability of work will be greatly reduced.

There are many problems in the telematic, among which, the serious loss of electricity has become the most troublesome and helpless problem for consumers. Besides, the boot-strap is slow and the operation is delayed, and the effect is delayed according to the signal level, the speed of the mobile phone, the distance and so on.

In order to detect the conditions of the equipment inside the vehicle at any time, under some conditions, the telematic system will always be in working condition, or, start-up and test frequently.
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