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Telematics Box

Telematics Box
The telematics box, also known as t-box or black box, is a small device installed in the vehicle to collect vehicle state information, track and monitor vehicle in real-time. The vehicle TBOX is now widely applied for UBI, timed rent & lease, fleet management, driving behavior management, new energy vehicle remote monitoring and management. Having been focusing on telematics system for commercial vehicles since its establishment, Hopechart has successively developed t-box of 2G, 3G and 4G in order to satisfy different customer demands, as a reliable TBOX manufacturer/ telematics box manufacturer.

Both the HQC111 and HQT401 as our best-seller telematics device are tailor-made, easy to install terminal devices for vehicle tracking and monitoring . Integrated with key features such as GPS positioning, GPRS and 4G mobile network, CAN Bus, gyroscope, bad driving behavior patterns, they can help the fleet supervisors have an insight into the fleet running and driver performance anywhere and anytime. The external accessories like TPMS, ADAS and temperature sensor can be also combined with the t-box to realize more features and functions. Meanwhile, the new energy vehicle manufacturers in China now are installing the t-box system to monitor their vehicles and collect BMS and other CAN data, which can help them improve vehicle design and manufacturing.
What is a telematics device(also known as T-box)?
A telematics device, also knows as T-box, is generally a smart system installed in the vehicles to record information about your driving behaviors, e.g. the mileage you drive, your driving speed, how quickly you brake and how hard you accelerate. Besides, the telematics system can analyze how often you drive your vehicle, how often you drive at night and how often you drive on freeway. When you use a telematics box or vehicular black box, you agree to allow the device to send the above-mentioned information to the TSP which is manged by the insurance company.

The data acquired by the t-box device will then be processed with smart algorithm. In other words, the telematics system will portrait every driver whose vehicle has been installed with the tbox. If the data show you have good driving behavior, you may get some discount for premiums from your insurance company. However, if the telematics device finds you drive in an unsafe way, you won’t be penalized with higher premiums. This is how a telematics device or system usually work in the vehicle insurance industry.

The telematics device not only is used in UBI, but also it is more widely applied in commercial fleet management. With the help of GPS and gyroscope built-in telematics device, the fleet manager can know each detail of his fleet through the multiple dimension reports, such as mileage report, fuel consumption and refueling report, historic trips of each vehicle, real-time location and speed of each vehicle, driving mode of each driver and potential failure of vehicles. In a word, the telematics box help the fleet managers and owners keep an eye on their fleets anywhere and anytime.
How and where to install a tbox?
Generally speaking, there are two types of telematics devices. The most common one for UBI users is the OBD device. The insurance company give the device to its customers, who can plug it into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port (OBD-II port). The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard. Obviously this kind of device can be plugged-in and used, no special work required for installation. However, it also has obvious shortcomings. It is not fully tightly fitted in the OBD-II port as the vehicle shakes while driving. The data obtained from the OBD device are not very accurate either.

The other solution is to pre-install the telematics box in the car factories, just like Hopechart’s t-box which has been installed by over 40 OEMs of passenger cars, buses and trucks. In this case, the telematics device usually has more interfaces, e.g. CAN port, RS232 and RS485. Through CAN port, the t-box gathers information of vehicle status. Compared to the OBD device, this device is more stable and can record more valuable and useful information.
What is OEM telematics system?
OEM telematics system is a pre-installed system including vehicular black box, smart dashboard and telematics platform. By installing a telematics system, the vehicle makers can acquire in-depth valuable data from vehicles which helps OEMs improve their product quality. The OEM telematics provide a full life cycle management for the vehicles. Nowadays more and more vehicle manufacturers deploy the telematics system in order to optimize user services, provide value-added services and improve vehicle full lifecycle management. For the users of vehicles with telematics system, they can also benefit a lot from it.
List of some famous OEM telematics system
Many years ago, some renowned vehicle manufacturers had started researching on the telematics system. Of course the early telematics system had very simple functions like GPS tracking and was not widely deployed. Later, the telematics solution comes to the next generation. In this period, the telematics system mainly featured with function such as GPS navigation, music player and weather forecast. With the fast development of mobile telecommunication, wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC), all kinds of sensor and ADAS devices, the mainstream OEM telematics systems have included a plenty of useful features covering safety, driving model, entertainment, information and road rescue.

The well-known OEM telematics systems are Onstar of General Motors, mbrace of Mercedes Benz, BMW Assist, Hyundai BlueLink and Infiniti Connection. Hangzhou Hopechart, the leading provider of telematics system of commercial vehicles in China, has launched influential telematics system for bus coach (G-BOS), TXJ for heavy trucks and telematics system for passenger vehicles. Hopechart today deliver customized telematics solutions with missions of reducing transportation costs.
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