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Talking About Driving Safety: The Transformation of Traditional Tachograph Market

With the development of social economy, the living standard of Chinese people is improving step by step, and the number of cars is also increasing. The large increase of car ownership, while convenient for people to travel, has also brought about a variety of safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary for private car owners to improve the safety level of driving and the determination of responsibility.

Tachograph is a very familiar auxiliary equipment for car owners. In the context of increasing road vehicles and increasing traffic safety pressure, tachograph has almost become a necessary equipment for car journey in China. The tachograph mainly records relevant information such as image and voice during driving, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. In addition, it can also be used to record the process of conquering difficulties, as well as the enjoyment of life and parking monitoring, as well as an important source of evidence to effectively deal with racketeer behavior. Therefore, it is very helpful to have a high quality tachograph to improve driving safety and clear responsibility division.

At present, the common tachograph in the market is usually the front tachograph or the two-way traffic recorder, and the more advanced one is the 360 degree panoramic vehicle recorder.  However, according to the domestic road traffic environment analysis, in many cases, the front tachograph or the front and back tachograph can not provide effective basis for the division of responsibility when accidents occur or encounter China, so the 360 degrees panoramic vehicle recording instrument with full observation and recording of the body around the body can be better escorted for us.   
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