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Tachograph Can Monitor Driver Behaviors

The Hopechart tachograph also used GPS and accelerometers to track the movement of the vehicle, then send relevant data to the cloud for analysis. However, the Hopechart tachograph not only tracks the position of the positioning vehicle, it also records everything it monitors inside and outside the vehicle. Transport fleet managers, full-time drivers, and insurance companies can use Nauto to assess drivers’ credit ratings. Meanwhile, Hopechart tachograph can monitor the driver behavior management through artificial intelligence and a large amount of anonymous data.

In real life, not all drivers have always been able to comply with the road traffic regulations stipulated by the Vehicle Administration. If there is exactly one person on the right side of the riding while driving, some drivers will press the yellow lane line in the middle of the road to make way for the rider.But before the road stop line, some drivers competed for every inch. If the road is limited to 65, but someone drives it to 70, the others will drive it to 70,too.In the process of driving, drivers often make eye contact with pedestrians. ”

This black little device looks like a slightly larger computer mouse mounted on the inner rearview mirror bracket above the windshield. Hopechart tachograph is different from the ordinary driving recorder,in the driver's various driving behaviors, such as sudden braking without sudden collision, or sudden acceleration,it will trigger alarm function to turn you into driving normally. And those are what traditional driving recorders can't do.
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