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Seven Functions Of T-Box

For the current Telematics intelligent terminal products, the most basic and important requirement is to meet seven functions.

First, to measure and judge the distance between vehicle and the car before and after it, setting a safe distance. When the distance is less than the safe distance, the system will be automatically warning the driver to avoid any closer distance, which can cause rear-end collisions.

Second, the pretreatment of the data. The vehicle terminal can process the GPS/GPS Big Dipper Information and the collected image information in advance, which mainly includes the processing of image compression coding and the accurate correction of GPS/GPS Big Dipper Information.

Third, to upload data and control center. At present, there are two main types of data, media stream and instruction stream. The former mainly includes image stream and audio stream while the latter mainly includes the information stream of the vehicle intelligent terminal's login information and vehicles’ travel.

Fourth, voice call. When a driver encounters a special situation, he/she often uses another non-vehicular communication tool to make the call. However, by using the vehicle system, call instructions can be sent when the driver only touches a button of the car in a very short period of time. The location and pictures of the vehicle will be uploaded by car terminals and control center will effectively contact with the rescue center, greatly improving the efficiency of rescue.

Fifth, the collection of environmental information around the driving. The vehicle terminal can extract the weather condition and the surrounding vehicle information in real time. And the weather condition and vehicle information are mainly released by the control center through a transmission route. The source is to obtain the latest information through the GPS location of the weather agency or the 3G/4G network.

Sixth, the vehicle positioning and track recovery. The control center or the monitoring terminal can have an image-viewing of the real-time position of a vehicle and can replay and monitor the running track of the vehicle, improving the responsibility retroactively and assisting the public security organs to collect the specific information.  

Seventh, the scene image display. At present, some control centers can realize the scene photo view of a vehicle. The system needs to transfer the information to the monitoring terminal to achieve information sharing.

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