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Radio And Television Vehicle Multimedia Product Press Conference Was Successfully Completed

The car has become our "mobile home", carrying the dribs and drabs in life. People who work for radio and television has kept trying in order to enable people to watch TV during driving. The change from the digital mark box to the vehicle multimedia is a difficult creation by the radio and TV people. The car-mounted multimedia of this release is a vehicle-mounted large-screen developed by Android. In addition to the practical functions of intelligent voice navigation, online music, Bluetooth phone, real-time traffic condition and reversing rear view etc, the most prominent is the built-in Radio and television mobile TV . Eleven sets of TV programs can be watched in the main cities of the whole region. We sell cheap double din car stereo.

Vehicle-mounted large-screen has appeared in the past four years, attracting consumers with the beautiful large screen. The age of radio and U disc music will become the past with the advent of  broadcast of radio and television multimedia systems. Multimedia is the "brain" of vehicle central control. It can be equipped with high-end driving recorder (set up super night vision record, location and car search, traffic warning function, etc.), rear seat entertainment system (4K HD, three-screen interactive TV, mobile office etc).  Whichever a car, it needs infotainment system.

Guangdian conform to the demand of the market and continue to open up and innovate. The conference, a total of more than 60 industry participants, in the car for homogeneity today, Vehicle multimedia series products of Guangdian were admired by the participants. Innovation has always been the main theme of the market, bluntness will result to elimination, the reality is so cruel. Due to the new operation mode led by Guangdian, and trade dealers in the industry are scrambling to sign a cooperative agreement.  So far the western cities and counties outlets have been perfect to provide more convenient installation services for the owners, and a star-up conference will be held by Guangdian in Eastern District of Chifeng after days.
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