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Pre-Installed Telematics System

Today, the Car Telematics System market is undoubtedly built on the basis of high price. Luxury car buyers have become accustomed to the choice of pre-navigation apps (such as in-car GPS) and in-car systems. But the high cost is still a clear obstacle to providing a low-cost remote Car Telematics System for the broad mass market. Forrester Research, forecast that nearly 80% of new cars will have a remote Car Telematics System, but only if technological progress driven the price down, make the telematics system to commodity shipments, we can realize the penetration.

Existing Car Telematics System still maintain high price, this is because it requires the separation of modules or subsystems to perform a variety of specific functions, including user interface (interface), GPS, mobile communication, driving information system, automobile fault diagnosis and forecasting, crash data records, remote diagnosis, electronic billing, traffic data, mobile phone integration, routing, and navigation systems, intelligent car system, course speculation, send and receive E-mail, emergency repair and customization news, sports, and financial information, etc. The pre-installed telematics system also features some of the commponents.

Today, these functional subsystems are generally independent subunits implemented by DSP, microprocessor, microcontroller, FPGA or ASIC devices. Typically, these devices are purchased from different vendors, and each device requires their own memory, I/O, development tools, and operating systems. This inevitably leads to the bulky, expensive, and lengthy development of the remote information processing system.

Another factor that puts more pressure on the remote Car Telematics System designers is the increasing complexity of the system and the need for richer information processing applications. Today, auto parts suppliers and auto makers evaluate software content to provide more value to customers. Software content development will continue to be the fastest growing part of the automotive electronics market and generate a lot of business opportunities. Software-based remote Car Telematics System can eliminate the limitations of fixed function products and allow car manufacturers to periodically "upgrade" their customers to create new revenue streams.
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