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Next Generation Car Network: the Situation and Development of Vehicle Ethernet Technology

In the recent two years, the use of Ethernet technology and architecture, as the direction of the next generation of vehicle network, has attracted wide attention from the internal and communication technology personnel of the automobile industry. The major automobile manufacturers (such as BMW, General, Daimler Chrysler, etc.) and the semiconductor companies (such as Bo Tong, NXP, Micrel, etc.) introduce the applications or the entity layer components that adapt to the vehicle environment and conform to the standard of Ethernet. They also actively participate in the discussion and formulation of Ethernet standards applicable to the vehicle environment and applications, support the research on the vehicle Ethernet project and jointly establish some industry standard organizations. Such as SEIS PROJECT [5], Ethernet/IP [6], BroadR-Reach technology, AVB, TTE, IEEE PoDL working group, IEEE RTPGE working group, AVnu Federation, OPEN Federation and so on.

The currently used vehicle network technology is a closed standard which is difficult to connect with external telematics devices and network services. The main reason is that the mainstream of the vehicle network standard (CAN, LIN and FlexRay), as well as the media oriented system transmission standard (MOST) has a heavy "automobile industry" color, which leads to the limitation of its applications. On the other hand, Ethernet is a simple and mature open standard, and the applications based on Ethernet have greatly reduced the application cost.
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