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Monthly Training on Product Quality and Production Safety Held Last Week

In order to guarantee the product quality delivered by Hopechart and enhance the employees' awareness of quality and safety, on 17th May, 2018, Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd. held a training for the production line operators and QC workers in the multi-function conference room in the headquarters building. More than 20 representatives from assembly lines and quality departments attended the training.


The training was guided by Wang Jian, head of Hopechart’s quality department. He drew everyone's quality awareness with the question "How does quality come?" From the basic concept of product quality to the implementation of our company's quality consciousness management, we thoroughly analyzed the importance of quality awareness, combined with case analysis, and strengthened the quality awareness of employees; analyzed and explained product quality from the design, manufacture, sales and after-sale services of smart vehicle tbox terminals and Android telematics AVN units. In details and take the GPS/BDS based tachograph device as an example, he also introduced the comprehensive quality management with 4 sections: P (plan)-D (do)-C (check)-A (action).


Finally, the participants initiated a self-discipline initiative, and each of them exchanged the problems encountered in the production line and the accumulated experience. Through this training, all participating personnel expanded their knowledge and unified their work direction. The product quality and safety awareness has laid a good foundation for the company's products.


In addition, not only Hopechart holds quality training regularly to enhance the sense of quality of production personnel, but also it will have a job responsibility system against all staff and share responsibility for quality management. The company will also create incentives for innovative projects, encourage employees to participate in all aspects, actively identify problems, and give full play to everyone's ability to solve problems. Every day the production, engineering and quality departments will discuss the issues exposed during the day's production after work, and confirm the responsible departments on-site, provide corrective plans, and complete the time for rectification. Hopechart will increase the monitoring and improvement of product quality from all angles.

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