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Is The Intelligent Tachograph The Gateway Of The Vehicle Network?

As a matter of fact, there have been a lot of driving recorders advertise the products as intelligent one, but like most of the pseudo intelligent hardware products, most of them are not real intelligent products, or only semi intelligent products. This year the intelligent car driving data recorder products appear intensively, not only have a lot of progress in the functions, even in the definition of car traveling data recorder also toppled the perception of car traveling data recorder products and we understand.

First of all, the products have more intelligent experience, not only have a "smart product" title. As for the intelligent upgrade of the driving recorder, many products on the market still remain in the simple network view, but in different scenarios, it has not played to the advantage of intelligence. However, the startup company of the product of the smart car recorder is not only satisfied with the concept of intellectualization, but also to start to find the different functions of products.

Secondly, the connection between people and cars can be achieved when drivers leaving the cars. Before that, many intelligent car products can only be used in mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, and once they leave the external network, they will become a display. However, some intelligent tachograph device manufacturers began to think about solving the problem of 24 hours online connection between people and cars. 
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