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Introduction of the Principle of GPS Vehicle Video Terminal

Vehicle terminal device is the front-end device for GPS vehicle monitoring and management system, it is mounted on the monitored vehicles. The vehicle terminal can also be installed in a variety of vehicles secretly, at the same time it is connected with the vehicle's own oil channel, circuit, door magnet and the car's anti-theft device, which make it be able to control the vehicle omnidirectionally.

Vehicle video terminal is mainly composed of GPS receiver, GSM/GPRS transceiver module, main control module, car alarm, external probe and other external devices.

The GPS module receives the positioning signal from the satellite to calculate its position (longitude, latitude, height), time and kinestate(speed, course), and then send to the single chip computer and store it once per second, so as to provide location information at any time. MCU microcontroller controls the whole vehicle's coordination work. The GSM/GPRS module is responsible for wireless transmission. The FSK is responsible for data modulation and demodulation, the receiving center's instruction data and the alarm from the launching vehicle platform.

Voice control section is used to control the handset microphone headset, monitor MIC, FSK modulation and demodulation signal's buffer, amplification, match, conversion and other functions. The digital logic control section is used for various input and output levels, and the buffering and driving of the pulse signal. The power and power saving control section is used to automatically switch the level of from the car level to the backup level, stabilize the filter and control the sleep and revival through the trigger of the car key and the alarm. Car anti-theft device section is responsible for collection and analysis from the probe, then it will complete all functions of theft alarm. The dual control flameout/oil circuit b breaking controller is controlled by the monitoring center and the car alarm.
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