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Internet Of Vehicle Equipment Enterprises Will Benefit Form The Policies Supporting Intelligent Hard

In terms of the the standard of internet of vehicles, the standard wireless communication technology LTE-V is being promoted. Its components LTE V2V and V2X will be frozen respectively in the third quarter of this year and the first quarter of 2017. The formation of the LTE-V standard will rapidly help the development of the internet of vehicles with truck telematics and the unmanned vehicle industrial chain. Between them, the LTE V2V mode is expected to  be finished first in September of this year. The V2X standard will be completed in March 2017, and chip / module test products will be launched in the year, and the mass commercial application will be realized in 2018. The development of LTE-V will help to extend the ability of intelligent vehicle perception and accelerate the development of intelligent driving. In recent years, the development of the unmanned driving industry has been vigorously promoted in the world. Obama, the President of the United States, issued a document on Monday that the US government will strongly support the automatic driving vehicle with the premise to ensure safety and essentially proper supervision. The US government will launch a new set of automatic driving vehicle laws, and in next month they will hold a meeting in Pittsburgh, the White House frontier meeting, to discuss the automatic driving vehicle and the related regulatory issues.

The gradual maturity of the protocol standard for the Internet of vehicles and the rapid development of unmanned driving will boost the demand for intelligent vehicle equipment. Agencies believe that with emerging of the automotive electronics, virtual reality, car camera recorder and other new areas, the technology industry will enter the second round of new intelligent hardware innovation, within the next 3 to 5 years, we will see the leapfrog growth. Among them, the traffic recorder, the entrance of the vehicle network, is estimated that its scale of the domestic market will reach 10 billion yuan, and the laser radar will reach 20 billion yuan in the domestic automobile market space.

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