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Intelligent Transportation GPS Position Bus Video Monitoring System Function

According to the platform system, each period, every vehicle time, and the vehicle volume of each section can be counted, so as to make it convenient to specify the operation of running and distribution. The traffic planning and scheduling business completed the formulation of the complex production plan of the bus and the management of the daily scheduling. In the process of making the driving plan, the algorithm and implementation were optimized, so that the function was adapted to a wide range of passenger users. The series of GPS fleet monitoring solution can greatly improve our work efficiency.

Monitoring and dispatching command service finishes the monitoring of vehicle running status in the field, and adjusts the vehicle running index in real time according to the complex and changeable situation in the field. It improves the completion rate of the operation plan, and avoids the low production efficiency caused by the post dispatch.

The decision analysis business is to classify, abstract, collate and count the original data in the form of reports to the company's decision-making leadership from multiple angles, and provide the company's operating status analysis data in many directions.

Data exchange system is on the basis of ACE, it combines the characteristics of high real-time data requirements of bus monitoring. On the basis of meeting the functions of data access, data parsing and data routing, it establishes a good extensibility communication protocol platform, which greatly reduces the workload of the system upgrade.

Alarm function: when the bus is running in a special or unexpected situation, the alarm information and video can be sent back to the headquarters in the way of 3G. Headquarters analyze the alarm information and video, and take various measures in time and effectively.

Diagnosis function: through the processing and analysis of various operating states and parameters of the vehicle, together with the diagnosis of the management engineer, the fault of the vehicle system can be diagnosed in time to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle.

Video monitoring: real-time or timed video information can facilitate the public car administrator to monitor the state of the bus (number of personnel, bus service, bus and public security, etc.) and provide various effective and powerful basis.
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