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Intelligent Telematics

Most consumers commonly assume that mobile navigation is better than cars. It is because the mobile map will be updated faster, leaving vehicle navigation behind. But in fact, once vehicle navigation is connected, many apps can be used, enhancing people’s travel experience greatly.

Intelligent telematics device is able to deliver the position looked for in the phone to telematics device to proceed, which supports artificial intelligent audio navigation. One audio order help to download online music and songs. A parking lot can be found from the app in the matched cellphone. Attended function when parking will send pictures to the owners if there is any vibration. Through “ grasp video” and “photoing”, we can post a moment immediately, which can also act as automobile data recorder to provide graphics as evidence when a traffic accident happens. If the cars break down, you can receive a hand on time.

With the construction of telematics, drivers can acquire the authorized transportation information issued by traffic police from telematics device. They can view the conditions of traffic light and real-time video at the junction ahead when there is the traffic jam, and they will be informed automatically of the locations where traffic violation occurred. The travel service with care but without disturbance of urban intelligent traffic system to drivers will be realized truly.

It is known that the mentioned intelligent telematics device will be promoted and strives to form scale this year.
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