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Hopechart's First Orientation Training on New Employees in 2018 Held on Mar 22

In order to help new employees understand the company faster, integrate into the team, and strengthen communication between new employees and the company, on March 22, Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd. held a new employee training in the headquarters building. Twenty-three new employees from R&D Centre, Hardware Department, Operations Center, Engineering Department, Human Resources Department, and Administration Department attended the training. Mr. Junqiang He, Chairman of the Board and General Manager, and Mr. Haomiao Liu, the deputy General Manager came to the guide and delivered speeches. The training was hosted by Ms. Zhang Limei, the manager of the human resources department.

After the introduction of the HR manager Zhang Limei , Mr. Junqiang He, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Hangzhou Hopechart, officially started training on corporate culture. After he introduced himself briefly, Mr. He briefly talked about the company's development history and development prospects. First of all, He reviewed the company's development history and achievements from 2009 to the present. He analyzed the development status for everyone and explained the company's long-term development prospects.

Second, Mr. He stated that Hopechart was a company with mission of reducing costs of transportation. Upholding the core values of customer achievement, conscientiousness, honesty, self-discipline, hard work, and win-win cooperation, we strive to become a talent-driven industry leader.

In the end, Mr. Haomiao Liu, the deputy GM of the company, conducted product knowledge training and conducted professional and systematic introduction and analysis of basic knowledge such as tachograph, tbox, vehicle tracking system, 4G MDVR, 2 din Android head unit and telematics solutions.

During the training, small games have also been played such as self-introduction and stacking newspapers, which mainly helped new employees to know each other and team. The trainees students could learn and grow in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Through this training, new employees have expressed the gains obtained. New employee training is an important part of employee training. In addition to the on board training, the company also organizes new employees to work across departments to improve the new employees' deeper understanding of the company to meet the company's rapid development needs.

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