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Hopechart Holds The 1st Session of Employee's Congress

Recently, Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd. organized the first session of the Employee’s Congress in 2018. Thirteen staff representatives from the R&D center, production center, human resources department, finance department, and administrative department attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Jin Yong, Director of the Human Resources Department, introduced the company's newly formulated KPI Management System and Salary Management System.


The research and formulation of KPI, salary system design and management methods are an important part of the reform and innovation of Hopechart system and organization. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the company's strategic objectives, in 2018, Hopechart introduced a well-known domestic consulting company Hejun Consultancy to construct a standardized salary performance system. Through scientific, effective, objective and fair assessment standards, the scientific performance of all employees is measured scientifically and dynamically, and the results of the work are evaluated to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm and creativity, improve work efficiency and performance, and achieve a win-win situation for the company and its employees.


It is understood that the "KPI management system" and "Salary management system" have made clear regulations for the performance assessment of all employees in the company and have realized the “quantitative appraisal” of all employees of the company. "KPI assessment management system" and "Salary management system" follow the basic guarantees, highlighting incentives, setting the salary based on position and on KPI at the same time.


Director Jin Yong said that in the future, the review of the company's personnel system will widely collect opinions and suggestions from everyone, making the system more scientific, more reasonable, and more practical. It is also hoped that the staff representatives will fully play their roles and will implement and coordinate the implementation of the reform implementation plan to ensure that the implementation plan is implemented in full and on time and enhances the work environment of the worker’s unions.


According to Mr. Zou Yuanyang, the chairman of Hopechart worker’s union, from this year on the union will fully standardize its work, give full play to the enthusiasm of the whole staff, and fully safeguard the rights and interests of the employees. In future, all new regulations and systems made by Hopechart will be strictly reviewed and examined by the trade unions.


Founded in 2009, Hopechart is focusing on research and development, production and sales of telematics based devices and platform software. We provide GPS vehicle tracker, truck tracking system, TBOX, 4G onboard MDVR, 2DIN Android head unit and Android AVN for OEMs and aftermarket customers.

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