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High-speed Development of the Telematics Market

In the future, cars will be more intelligent and people will solve the problems of the travel in the simplest way. Apart from its own intelligentization, network and "cloud" technology will also be an important part of the intelligent car. At present, some domestic manufacturers have launched related vehicle networking services.

At present, the vehicle network system uses advanced sensing technology, network technology, computing technology, control technology, and intelligent technology to realize the comprehensive perception of the road and traffic and the interaction of large scale and large capacity data among multiple systems, and control the whole course of each vehicle and the full time and space of each road. At the same time, it also provides comprehensive services to connect the cars and cars or the cars and the urban network and provide network and application for transportation efficiency and traffic safety in order to make the more intelligent and safer driving true. The onboard video device also has developed quickly keeping up pace with the time.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the updating speed of communication technology is very astonishing. Nowadays, the vehicle information system is also facing great changes. Some famous automobile manufacturers also realize that the next one that can foster significantly the improvement of traffic safety is the vehicle intelligent information system.

According to the“development status and the forecast report of the Internet of things in China in 2010-2013 years”, in the future, the network of cars will be realized mainly through the cooperation of wireless communication technology, GPS technology and sensing technology. In the future era of car networking, wireless communication technology and sensing technology will be a complementary relationship. When the vehicle is in the blind area of the corner and other sensors, the wireless communication technology will play a role. And when the signal of wireless communication is lost, the sensor can be useful. It is estimated that in the coming years, China will usher in the rapid development period of the vehicle networking market, and the auto market will move towards the intelligentization era.
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