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Hangzhou Hopechart Holds 2017 Annual Meeting & 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration

When the plum blossom blooms in snow and spring breeze slightly blows willow twigs, we know that winter almost ends and spring is coming. On February 10, 2018, Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd. held its annual summary meeting and 2018 Lunar New Year ceremony at the Junshang Grand Hotel in the theme of "A new starting point for a new journey". Hopechart’s nearly 400 employees, some families, investors and other guests gathered together to celebrate the coming of Chinese New Year.

The annual meeting of Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology began with the warm and sincere speech given by its chairman and general manager Mr. He Junqiang. His speech began with four figures respectively representing spring, summer, autumn and winter, and tells a story about time. Subsequently, He summarized the important achievements made by the company in 2017, such as the use of new office building, the establishment of a joint stock company, the IPO process launch, the breakthrough in sales volume of RMB 300 million and so on. Although Hopechart has made remarkable achievements in the car networking industry, but vigilant in peace time, Mr. He Junqiang also profoundly analyzed some problems and crises existing in the company and urged the company to strengthen the sense of crisis. He also quoted the famous economist Thomas Friedman's words that " all the gospel may be a curse." He believes that having generous resources and resources will easily make one person, one company and one nation lose the motive force of struggle and cannot see the crisis. So, under the outlet of heavy truck outbreak and telematics industry, Hopechart people must wake up. Finally, Mr. He Junqiang made a clear explanation of the company's mission and vision. He hoped that Hopechart would become a company that is down to earth, ideal and socially responsible and has always been guided by the mission of "reducing the cost of transportation."

Subsequently, the annual meeting awarded for the outstanding employees and managers (teams) of 2017 voted by the management. In addition, each staff member who served in Hopechart for five years won a commemorative gold coin of 15 grams to reward their loyalty and hard work in the past years.

The annual meeting also provided a show stage for the Hopechart staff. Programmers who do not usually show their gift in performance have come out with unique skills. Other departments were not happy to fall behind either. Songs and dances, cross talk, poetry readings, creative programs, Cantonese songs and English songs are staged in turns. The other side of Hopechart staff besides work had been well showed. The interspersed lucky draw of prize and cash also pushed the annual meeting one after another climax.

Chairman & GM of Hopechart, Mr. He Junqiang Gives a Speech on The Annual Meeting

Outstanding Employees in 2017 Awarded

Splendid Performance by Product Planning Dept

Group Photo of Hopechart Staff (a part)

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