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Guidance for Selecting Tachographs

The clarity of the frame is crucial

When choosing a tachograph, besides the size, the most important thing is the resolution of pixels and video. The current pixel of the mainstream tachograph in the market is 5 million, which can reach 12 million or even 16 million, and the resolution of video can reach 1080P. Generally, the pixel of the mainstream recorder of about 300 yuan can reach 5 million, and it can reach 12 million at 800 yuan. It is important to note that many recorders magnify the pixels by software to say that they are high definition products. It is best to take a few photos in advance and put them on the seller computer to see the basic resolution. 

The mainstream of the recorder with the basic LED light or infrared light can solve the problem of insufficient light at night. But in fact, these functions are also have some problems. Especially for LED lights which will often cause more blind areas at night. Infrared night vision lamp will be relatively good. When purchasing, we can mainly consider the recorder with infrared night vision.

In addition, most of the recorder has the automatic cycle recording mode, which guarantees that it can be recorded with unlimited (reference, picture, inquiry). When the storage card is full, it will automatically cover the previous video with the latest video, and the cycle repeats. In order to avoid an emergency when important video is covered, many recorders have a button locking function with gravity induction. When the collision occurs, the video is automatically delayed and the video is locked. After all, most owners forget to lock the visual frequency in time, and the products with gravity induction locking are very convenient
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