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Great Opportunity For Telematics With Tech Upgrading

As the LTE-V technology standard freezes and communication chips continue to upgrade, the definition of the Internet of Vehicle is upgrading. The core demands of the development of the Internet of Vehicle are that safer driving, more intelligent human-computer interaction and more humanized functional design. Inter-vehicular network and vehicular cloud network are the directions that need to be focused on which can solve the core needs more deeply, and the technologies mainly include V2V, V2I, V2P and V2C.


Policies, unmanned cars and new energy vehicles are together accelerating the development of the Internet of Vehicles.

There are unceasing upsides to the Internet of Vehicles, and The policy is constantly in the "deep water zone". Single - machine intelligent driving can't meet the requirement of safety, and the collaborative decision-making is a rigid demand. Motorization, intelligence and networking have become an irreversible trend in automobile industry. The new energy vehicle is born with a network connection, and the front loading T - BOX becomes the core automotive electronic hardware device. The policy requires it to be a standard of smart cars which force the Internet to develop. It is also a great challenge for telematics hardware manufacturer as their devices need to be tech-advanced.


The future car is born with "Internet connection".

In order to follow the intelligent wave of automobile and
improve the competitiveness of the automobile industry, the car factory has gradually adopted a positive attitude towards the front loading IOV, and the front loading is the trend. Compared with the front loading, the afterloading has obvious advantages, which can obtain the core data of the vehicle and realize vehicle functions that can't be realized by front loading, such as remote monitoring, remote control and security monitoring. The afterloading is not only limited to obtain the data, but also the market participants are highly competitive because of the low threshold, and the market concentration degree is still relatively dispersed though it has been promoted for many years.


Attention is worth paying on V2V, electronic license plate, intelligent parking.

We have obtained three hot spots of investment through demand and technical analysis :1) with the blocking of lte-v standard,V2V will have a blowout development, and the LTE-V technology standard is expected to lead the way. 2) the demand for information management is high, and the electronic license plate is on the horizon; 3) there are no barriers of technology to realize the parking service, which is an urgent need with "Chinese characteristics".
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