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GPS Fleet Management Solutions
  • Vehicle Tracking in Real-time
    Vehicle Tracking in Real-time
    Know where your fleet is and going
    Vehicle status monitoring
    B/S architecture, no software installation required
    Historic trips replay
    Control vehicle speed
    Smartphone Apps bring great conveniences to fleet managers
  • Versatile Customized Reports
    Versatile Customized Reports
    Mileage reports by vehicle and by specific time and date
    Vehicle speed reports
    Fuel consumption reports
    Refueling reports
    Driving reports
    Stop reports
  • Geo-fencing
    At least 24 areas in polygon and circular can be drawn and saved. When vehicle goes in or out of these geo-fencing areas, alerts will be activated automatically. The geo-fencing zones can be drawn by monitoring center remotely.
  • Value-added Services
    Value-added Services
    Detailed fuel level reports, fuel consumption reports and refueling reports
    Detect and analyze about 20 driving patterns of low fuel efficiency and high risk
    TPMS & temperature sensors can be integrated
    Workable with ADAS devices
  • Applications
    Vehicle Tracking, truck track, GPS vehicle tracking, vehicle protection, fleet tracking, construction waste dump truck monitoring, coach bus tracking and surveillance, fleet management, driver behavior analysis and management, fuel theft prevention.
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  • GPS Fleet Management

    GPS Fleet Management

    GPS Fleet Management
    Hopechart offers a series of fleet management solutions to meet the specific demands of different customers. We provide a system that helps them monitor fleets anywhere and anytime and optimize vehicle management.
    GPS Fleet Management
  • Fuel Consumption Management

    Fuel Consumption Management

    Fuel Consumption Management
    Track fuel usage and save your money. All kinds of fuel reports can be generated automatically and help you figure out the ways to reduce fuel cost.
    Fuel Consumption Management
  • Driver Behavior Management

    Driver Behavior Management

    Driver Behavior Management
    Driver behaviors greatly influence traffic safety, fuel efficiency and vehicle life. Most road accidents are caused by bad driving habits. Our telematics system can detect about 20 patterns of bad and risky driving behaviors including speeding, excessive idling, overrevving, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, harsh turning and etc.
    Driver Behavior Management
  • OEM Telematics

    OEM Telematics

    OEM Telematics
    Hopechart provides a total solution of customized telematics system to the OEM manufacturers. Thanks to in-depth cooperation with many well-known vehicle makers, Hopechart has accumulated rich experience in developing pre-installed Telematics hardware and back office management platform.
    OEM Telematics

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