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Goals of Vehicle Video Terminal

Real-time monitoring of vehicle transportation process

3G GPS vehicle network video server can realize real-time monitoring of multi-information. Vehicle driving record terminal can monitor or check the information of vehicle running state at any time, and then the system will automatically handle and store information. It can also real-time obtain the vehicle's running state and operating environment, then find the environment or man-made problems in time, including illegal parking and hitching.

Information inquiry in the transportation process

We can inquire information about dangerous products and chemical production and transportation enterprises at any time, including the issuance of chemical laws and regulations and the list of chemicals. We can also inquire the name of the shipping unit, the name of the transport unit and the transportation route, the transportation-related vehicles and the transportation-related personnel, the name and quantity of the transportation chemicals and the valid period of the related road transport pass. The vehicle video terminal can realize the function.

Emergent response

It includes the traffic control at the accident scene, the evacuation of the accident site, the emergency rescue of the accident and so on. The relevant information can be sent to the monitoring and command center in real time, so as to deal with the accident timely.

Information processing after the end of transportation

After the vehicle reaches the destination, it can download and query the data on the vehicle traveling data recorder and video files by wired / wireless network. The stored image and data information can be printed and replayed, so as to check vehicle running track and system operation log.
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