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Future Trends of Mobile Digital Video Recorders

Under the background of technological advancement, the transportation industry is undergoing an unprecedented major transformation.Traditional manual scheduling, semi-automatic scheduling, and pure GPS/BD scheduling will be replaced by intelligent scheduling gradually.That based on the car-networking and the wide application of mining technologies of OBD and other large-data,not only the functions and information level of car-mounted video terminals can be changed, new industries can be formed , but also  transportation management and service modes can be innovated,thus it plays an important supporting role for the transformation of transportation industry upgrading. The MDVR is technically advanced in recent years.

In the process of building intelligent transportation systems, "high-definition" has become an inevitable tend of development. The entire video surveillance system has been transformed from a "visible" video security system to a "clear" high-definition networking system, and follows the principle of "building for use, using for the war" and enter into a system construction of "understand" intelligence and business integration applications.

High-definition is not just a single application of a single high-definition technology, but starts with the actual applications of intelligent transportation business, and can adapt to the city's need for high-definition image quality. The entire city's control surface is in a complex and diverse  "ecological environment" of application. Therefore, the construction of high-definition intelligent transportation system needs to select appropriate HD solutions according to the different characteristics of different application scenarios. High-definition on-board video recording is bound to be a development direction of the future .
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